What tools does Snipp.ly offer?

Snipp - Allows you to create a snippet of text to be shared with others.

Chat - Allows you to create a "burner" chat room to have a quick conversation.

Link - Allows you to shorten a URL and track the number of times it has been clicked.

Poll - Allows you to create a poll with questions and choices for people to vote.

How does protection work on Snipps?

Public - This means that if someone has or can guess the 8 letter snipp code then they can view the snipp.

Password-Protected - This snipp can only be viewed by someone who knows the password and the link to the snipp

Email-Protected - This snipp can only be viewed by people who have been granted access via email. When creating an Email-Protected snip you can specify the email addresses of who is allowed to view it. When the visitor goes to view the snipp, they will enter their email and if valid they will receive an email with a one-time use link that allows them to view the snipp

Is snipp data kept after it expires?

No. Once the snipp expires then all snipp data is removed from the database.

How can I create a snipp with a file extension?

When creating a snipp, you can simply add a file extension to the snippname (Example: server.js). Then when you or someone downloads the snipp, it will be downloaded with that name and extension.

Do you have an API?

Not at the moment. If requested, then one will be created. You can use the contact form to request for it

How can I request new features?

You can use the contact form to request for new features

What is the maximum size of a snipp?

500 kb

How many snipps, chats and links can I make?

As of now you can create 30 snipps, 15 chats, 15 links and 15 polls per 24 hours

How can I support the further development of Snipp.ly?

You can donate here. Any contributions are highly appreciated.

How can I get the latest updates on Snipp.ly?

Any updates such as future features will be announced on our twitter page

Are chat messages stored in a database?

No. They are simply relayed to other people in the chat room via a websocket. There is no persistence to the messages, if the page is refreshed, the messages are gone.

Can I use this website to share highly sensitive information?

You can if you really want too but it is not recommended.

How are passwords stored?

They are salted and hashed with bcrypt before being stored in the database

Is data encrypted?

Data is encrypted during transmission using HTTPS but snipps are stored in plaintext in the database. Don't use this service to share highly sensitive information.

Privacy Policy

Chat messages are not stored. No information is collected outside of the snipp data that is submitted. Snipp data and any other data stored will not be sold or made public unless you choose to make your snipp public. No cookies are used by the server.

Terms of Use

Use the website as provided. Do not use this site for any malicious purpose or anything that could be intepreted as malicious. Snipp.ly will not protect any person using this site for malicious purposes. Snipp.ly is not responsible for data you share or submit using this website.